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Due Date is May 30, 2022

#BlastOff Design Challenge

Ian Hudson, a 15-year-old Richlands, NC High School sophomore combined his love for space and science to create a YouTube children’s series called Dr. Phineas Cortex’s Spaceship Fleet. Below is the link to that series. Well done, Ian!

In this time where social distancing has kept everyone cooped up at home, Dr. Phineas Cortex is here to save the day! Throughout this series tailored to young and aspiring students, Dr. Cortex teaches kids to explore the wonders of space through scientific fact, as well as provide fun family activities to keep them engaged. In this pilot episode, Cortex comes into contact with fellow viewers as they embark on studies about our home planet, Earth! It looks like there's an incoming transmission from the U.S.S. Carolina now!