Amelia Earhart: Hawaii to California

January 24, 2024

On January 11th in 1935, according to, “In the first flight of its kind, American aviatrix Amelia Earhart departed Wheeler Field in Honolulu, Hawaii, on a solo flight to North America. Hawaiian commercial interests offered a $10,000 award to whoever accomplished the flight first. The next day, after traveling 2,400 miles in 18 hours, […]

Lost Squadron

December 12, 2023

By:  Barry Fetzer, ECAHF Historian Hello, fellow ECAHF’ers.  Have you ever been lost?  Those of us older than 50 probably can relate to that sinking feeling (no pun intended regarding the below article) when you begin to realize you have no idea where you are.  Perhaps in the era of cell phones and GPS, that […]

Celebrating a Trailblazer in Aviation: Admiral Richard Byrd

December 1, 2023

On November 29, 1929, American explorer and US Navy Admiral Richard Byrd makes an epic flight to the South Pole.  “He, along with his three companions”, according to, “made the first flight (of a human being-feathered “Byrds”…or birds-don’t count) over the South Pole, flying from their base on the Ross Ice Shelf to the […]

The Eastern Carolina Aviation Heritage Foundation (ECAHF) awarded grant by NC Space Grant Mini-Grant Program

July 3, 2023

ECAHF – NC Space Grant: The Eastern Carolina Aviation Heritage Foundation (ECAHF) was awarded a mini-grant in the amount of $3,000 by NC Space Grant Mini-Grant Program.  This award was based on the proposal “Young Engineering Education Challenges” submitted by the Foundation’s Educational Outreach Representative Mary Beth Fennell. Read the rest of the story HERE.

Friday “Twofer”: Don’t boastest your firstest with the mostest because along will coastest the town’s bigger toastest…AND…don’t forget the first woman in space

June 19, 2023

Good Friday morning fellow ECAHF’ers.  It’s easy to forget how many “firsts” the Soviet Space Program had.  They “beat the pants” (and the skirts) off of us until all their firsts were pretty much forever buried by America’s first steps on the moon by Neil Armstrong, who coasted along to become the “toast of the […]